Do online casinos actually cheat?

Many gamblers blame online casinos for cheating. Usually, these are gamblers that are not used to play in online casinos, and they do not understand how these casinos work. But is it fair to accuse them and ruin their reputation?

Why do gamblers think online casinos cheat?

There are many reasons why they think that. When you gamble, you take a calculated risk. You have weighed your chances, and you bet you are going to win. But in online casinos, that might not happen.

However, it is one thing to lose a game and another one to blame the casino for cheating. In online casinos, there many things happening backstage that gamblers don't see. So, they feel they have been rigged.

3 reasons why gamblers feel cheated

There are three reasons why several gamblers feel they have been cheated. The first is the frequency of the games. The second is that they play alone. The third is past reputations of online casinos that may have been bad.

Gaming frequency

In online casinos, the gaming frequency is much higher than the common casinos. Common casinos have a certain area space for each game. Online casinos can have hundreds of games at the same time. Consider these for example:

  • No waiting for other players to place their bets
  • No waiting for a dealer to “clear up” the table from chips

Playing alone

In online casinos, the player plays alone. He does not see any other gamblers. Consequently, this makes him feel insecure to be the only one on the virtual table of the game. However, there are players at other virtual tables.

Past reputations

Many gamblers check the reputation of the casinos before they start playing. Even though it is the right way to check the credibility, sometimes they judge the casino by past reviews that most of the time aren't legit or true.

Other reasons for bad reputation

With that being said, there are some extra reasons why there is the misconception that online casinos cheat. At a first glance, they make sense but if someone does his research, he will understand that they are not true.

  1. Some gamblers feel cheated with the payouts they get from the video slots. They believe they are much smaller than what they might get at a regular casino.
  2. Others feel that they do not earn enough, compared to a physical casino.

Both assumptions are wrong. Online casinos don't invent the games, so they can not cheat. Also, there is the RTP factor to validate their credibility. Lastly, the chances of winning in an online casino are the same as the regular.

How can I check I will not be cheated?

Well, there are a few things a gambler can take into consideration before he starts playing games in online casinos. After all, nowadays it is not that easy for an online casino to rig the games.

The ratio of the games' frequency

As aforementioned, an online casino doesn't have a space limit. Moreover, the games are much faster because you don't wait for the other's turn. Because of all that, the games end much sooner than in a regular casino.

You do not play alone

Even though you might feel like it, it is not true. Due to the fact that there are hundreds of tables and games available online, the players are equally hundreds. It's just that you compete with yourself in online casinos.

Don't read old reviews

Yes, some casinos may have bad reviews but have you checked if these reviews are up-to-date? Most online casinos have fixed issues they might have had in the past. Therefore, it is always better to read current reviews and comments.

Other things to take into consideration

The online casino community is very active. If something looks suspicious, there will be an active conversation about it. So, an online casino wouldn't risk its reputation and profits, just to cheat players. The loses would be bigger.

So do online casinos cheat?

No, they do not. As aforementioned, the profits that come from being legitimate and trustworthy are far bigger than cheating. When an online casino is in the business for 10 years, they don't play such nasty games on their clients.

You should always be careful when you put money on something online. However, when it comes to online casinos, you do not have to worry, especially when you play in popular ones. With so many ways of attestation, you are safe.

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